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Traditional hierarchies and processes, which together form an organization’s “operating system,” do a great job of handling the operational needs of most companies, but they are too rigid to adjust to the quick shifts in today’s marketplace.

 - John P. Kotter

Accelerators for Sustainable Growth:
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Our services are offered individually or collectively to accelerate growth anywhere in an organization (team, department, business unit, or scaled across the organization and its value chain). 

Performance & Productivity

Operational leaders need the ability to monitor performance across business units and departments.


Designing and building measures that align vertically and horizontally across an organization is significant challenge for business and IT.

The key is to introduce a formal modeling discipline around measures (metrics, KPIs, analytics).

In addition, quality and change management both require a more formalized approach to ensure the measures are accurate and can be verified across all dimensions.

Portfolio Optimization

Managing one portfolio can be challenging. But evaluating multiple investments across a large set of portfolios can be overwhelming. 

We help reduce complexity across portfolios using rationalization and a discipline used to align and slot all work in progress.

By introducing Agile with Waterfall, we help clients trim their backlog.

Service Management

Services are part of every company, but they can provide far more value when they are designed and aligned with each other and connected to data, processes, assets, products, and analytics as an integrated fabric that can respond to change in a more flexible manner.


We help clients design and evolve their services so they can become more responsive to change and adapt to unplanned situations. 

Measuring Value

Ask five people in a company how they measure value and you'll get more than ten answers. Value is about what customers want. ROI, NPV, IRR are focused on investors. People buy products and services that help them get their jobs done. We help companies measure that with precision so they can invest wisely to drive sustainable growth.

Enterprise Kaizen

Continuous improvement is part of every supply chain and is often extended to other functional areas and departments in organizations. 

We help clients institutionalize a "Kaizen" mindset and discipline to build operational excellence, which builds atop service level quality and the other solution accelerators that we provide. 

Demand Management

Demand can originate from multiple stakeholders and systems. Most companies capture a portion of the demand and don't have the ability to perform forensic analysis on the majority of demand they manage. 


The goal of our approach is to help companies establish a holistic way to capture and harmonize demand from internal and external sources. 


Further, we help operational and technical teams to model demand and contextualize it to support multidimensional analysis. The goal is to establish a federated set of data and knowledge that supports scale and complexity. 

Strategy Mapping

Every company creates strategy, defines balanced scorecards, and identifies a list of objectives as a discrete set of activities.

But, how do you ensure your list of objectives is complete and does not create conflicts with each other and across business units ?  Do you know how to prioritize the objectives along with existing demand ? 

We can help you map and adapt your strategy continuously. 

Resource Optimization

More than managing human activity, it's about measuring and optimizing human potential. Sourcing, training, and evaluating people (and their performance) should be built using a service centric approach. Learn how to create trust, loyalty, and quality with your people so you can deliver outstanding service to your customers.  

Requirements Engineering

Many companies are using Agile to deliver change faster. But, many struggle with prioritizing the right changes to drive top line growth and balance that with operational effectiveness and innovation. We help align value with features and improvements to guide priorities. 

Policy Management

One of the most expensive areas to manage and remediate is changes to compliance (laws, regulations, standards, policies). The volume and complexity can bury teams who need to research the impact and then allocate resources to address.


We introduce a model-driven approach to help understand the impact of policy change and guide teams to incorporate a systematic way to plan mitigation by leveraging their Biz:DNA

Prioritization & Governance

Trying to determine which projects should be funded and in which order typically consumes too much time for decision makers at all levels. 

We use a model-driven approach, built atop Demand Management to provide a continuous prioritization capability. Further, we build a 3-level calc to align value and cost for each initiative across strategy, execution, and operations. 

Governance is designed into the prioritization framework since both have to work in tandem and flow across the entire change lifecycle 

Lifecycle Management

Most companies have at least one lifecycle methodology. Some may actually use a variety of lifecycles. Trying to blend all of these together is one challenge. How would you get all of your staff to comply and ensure the data is accurate ?  

We use a proven discipline to tackle these problems and address many other related challenges. We also help improve communications and acceptance by staff and vendors. 

Solution Design

Solving problems, driving innovation, and building solutions is becoming more challenging for teams dealing. We bring a model-driven approach to design solutions to address an expanding backlog of projects, complexity, and a growing number of integration points.

Modeling Knowledge

The amount of data and information is growing geometrically, which is making it harder for companies to manage and generate insights to guide decisions. We bring design expertise to support the modeling of all this data and information to build sustainable & scalable knowledge.

Business Continuity

Identifying risk and establishing plans to prevent and/or minimize exposure is a constant challenge for companies.

As the pace of change accelerates, the ability to sense and respond to risk is already overwhelming staff and management.

We leverage our Biz:DNA to help organizations map and manage risk in a scalable manner. Further, we use the risk models to help guide investments in prevention to support business continuity planning.

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