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Resource Optimization


Maximizing Human Potential

Companies hire people for their expertise and knowledge to help them create and deliver value to their customers. All too often, we hear about companies who lose valuable people along with their years of experience with the products, processes, and systems. 


When organizations deploy human resources, they are focused on their unit value for a project or as part of a unit / team providing one or more operational services. This approach has limitations since a person brings domain and technical knowledge, functional expertise, core competencies, and social skills. It's a daunting task to capture all this information about each resource and even more challenging to optimally deploy people where (and when) they can provide the most value. 

We help clients optimize their human resources and extend their strategic sourcing across 3rd party resources using a value-based model versus a cost/unit productivity model to:

  • Identify and allocate resources (human and machine) for work

  • Capture skills, knowledge, and expertise for resources

  • Balance work allocation across projects and operations

  • Identify and deploy resources in a balanced manner across projects and operational activities

  • Improve estimation for work and reliability of commitments

  • Identify impact of changes to resources upon the organization and work (operations and projects) 

Resource Lifecycle Model.png

Value-Based Resource Management

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