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Strategy Mapping


The Cartography of Planning

Every organization goes through a periodic (mostly annual) process to create and/or update a set of strategic plans to achieve a set of goals and objectives. That is the easy part.


The challenges come when operational teams across the organization have to implement these plans. Business Architecture was established to help address these issues and improve the alignment between strategy and execution. 

We use Strategy Maps to capture the top-down lineage from goals to objectives. We extend these maps with additional relationships between goals and objectives to reveal the impact of changes:

  • Goals to goals

  • Goals to objectives

  • Objectives to objectives

Impact of goals and strategy is assessed within each business unit and across the organization to establish a full lineage across all of the layers of granularity. This provides the following benefits for executive and operational teams:

  • Improves coordination

  • Identifies points of overlap or confusion

  • Predicts the likelihood of successfully implementing strategy 

  • Clarifies impact on operational plans, roadmaps, and resources

  • Analyzes strategy vertically and horizontally before making commitments (internally and externally)

Balanced Scorecard.png

Balanced Scorecard

(Norton Kaplan)

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