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Build a 360° View of Change

Operational leaders need the ability to monitor performance across business units and departments. The challenge of building measures that align vertically and horizontally across an organization cannot be done using analytics alone. Often times there are discrepancies between business units and with measure that are built top-down and do not align with bottom-up measures.


The key is to introduce a formal modeling discipline around measures (metrics, KPIs, analytics).

In addition, quality and change management both require a more formalized approach to ensure the measures are accurate and can be verified across all dimensions.

The goal is to establish an immersive "sensory" capability across the organization to support the following three activities:

  1. Monitoring

    • Ensure operations are working within boundaries

    • Track changes to external resources

    • Track changes to internal resources

    • Identify threats (internal and external)

    • Identify issues and/or events

  2. Contextualization

    • Asess the impact from change (planned and unplanned)

      • strategy​

      • operations

      • execution (of change)

    • Provide context around change to promote understanding

    • Harmonize change across the organization

  3. Decision Making
    • Provide consolidated inputs into decisions (automated and human) to guide responses to change

    • Evaluate impacts for decision pathways to help inform the selection of the most optimum response  

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We help clients model their measures ...

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