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About Us

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- Meet Jeffrey

Jeffrey helps organizations build sustainable growth by introducing a new capability using measurement to clarify what problems to solve and which opportunities to pursue. This capability can be implemented anywhere in an organization (team, department, business unit, or scaled across the company and its value chain). 

Our Services Are Built Upon Value-Driven Measurement

I bring management consulting expertise that is affordable and tailored for any organization so they can learn and adopt these capabilities to drive innovation and build sustainable growth. I use a modular approach blending a variety of disciplines that can be introduced and adapted to deliver quick wins while creating a foundation for long term prosperity.

Jeffrey's work covers finance & banking, transportation, manufacturing, technology, not-for-profit, education, government, and healthcare. He relies on a variety of disciplines that he has built atop existing best practices including Six Sigma, DeBono Innovation, Strategyn's Jobs-to-be-done Customer Focus, Design Thinking, and Systems Engineering to help organizations create, design, and deliver sustainable value.

- Meet Our Partners

Our partners bring years of expertise in technology, leadership, strategic planning, innovation, education, creativity, and bring proven results across a variety of industries, domains, and countries. 

We bring a team approach focused on fostering trust, continuity, to build successful relationships and sustainable growth.

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