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- Meet Jeffrey

Jeffrey has worked with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100s helping them manage complexity and accelerate change.


Jeffrey's work covers finance & banking, transportation, manufacturing, technology, not-for-profit, education, government, and healthcare. He relies on a variety of disciplines that he has built atop existing best practices including Six Sigma, DeBono Innovation, Strategyn's Jobs-to-be-done Customer Focus, Design Thinking, and Systems Engineering to help organizations create, design, and deliver sustainable value.

Companies seek Jeffrey's expertise to improve their planning, align strategy with execution, and ensure they are making the right investments as they respond to the accelerating pace of change and complexity. He partners with leadership in companies to improve the value delivered through their products, systems, and services to their stakeholders.

Jeffrey has served in a variety of roles covering business, technology, executive leadership and president across a career spanning industry, not for profit, and institutions. 

- Meet Our Partners

Our partners bring years of expertise in technology, leadership, strategic planning, innovation, education, creativity, and thought leadership across a variety of industries, domains, and countries. 

We focus on the 7 C's that foster trust, continuity, successful relationships, and sustainable results.

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Helping organizations create and deliver sustainable value

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