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Policy Management


Managing & Modeling Policy

Policy is another type of change, mandated by stakeholders (external and internal to an organization). These are another type of input that initiate change. These tend to be somewhat stable, however policies can conflict with each other.


Further, policies tend to overlap and can create a multiplier effect for operational teams since they have to determine impact and identify the right set of actions. The level of complexity and cost (time, materials, labor, capital) can grow very rapidly for an organization.

We help organizations develop a more agile response mechanism to detect and address change associated with policy. This policy management approach provides the following benefits:


  • Identify sources of change and collective impact on policies

  • Determine if new policies need to be established

  • Identify specific areas of exposure associated with policy changes

  • Provide insights on timing for when policy changes need to be addressed

  • Assess impact of policy changes on execution (portfolios of projects & products) and operations

  • Identify impact on training (and certification) for personnel

Policy Model.png

Leveraging Biz:DNA to capture and map impact from changes to policy

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