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Prioritization & Governance


"Fluid" Prioritization

Due to the dynamic nature of change, prioritization is no longer a discrete process that is performed at the front end of lifecycle development.  Continuous change requires ongoing monitoring of external and internal inputs that can impact one project or many projects (even entire portfolios and beyond). Governance needs to be married to prioritization and elevated to support a more fluid process. Portfolio managers have to embrace a more dynamic model capable of aligning, rationalizing, and prioritizing initiatives to address the following impacts (partial list):

  • Risk (Data, Security, Operations, ...)

  • Budgets & Funding

  • Resources (employees & vendors)

  • Products & Services

  • Customers & Partners

  • Commitments (contracts & promises)

  • Strategy & Operations

  • Stakeholders (shareholders are but one)

Is it any wonder why decision makers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and executives are involved in so many meetings ?  The current approaches are not scalable and you can't apply Agile to just work faster. 

We can help you work smarter (not harder) so you can balance the above list of challenges. Some of the assistance includes: 

  • Selection of technologies to harmonize the inputs

  • Data modeling and process design

  • Integrate Prioritization & Governance

  • Shift from discrete prioritization to continuous flow

  • Prioritization modeling and business case evaluation

  • Issue & Defect Management 

Portfolio Management Across the Continuu

"Feel the flow"

Explore a new way to prioritize your investments.

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