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Traditional hierarchies and processes, which together form an organization’s “operating system,” do a great job of handling the operational needs of most companies, but they are too rigid to adjust to the quick shifts in today’s marketplace.

 - John P. Kotter

Build Sustainable Growth by Investing in Value Improvement

Sustainable Growth By Design can be implemented anywhere in a company:

  • team

  • department

  • business unit

  • entire company

  • across the value chain

We use your company's DNA to improve year-on-year value for your stakeholders.


  • Value-Driven Demand

  • Agile Planning & Decision Making

  • Building Sustainable Growth

  • Aligning Strategy with Execution

  • Building a Renewable Pipeline of Ideas


  • Agile Culture

  • Value-Driven Leadership

  • Adaptive Systems

  • Resilient Operations & Personnel

  • Value-Driven Lean & Kaizen

  • Value-Driven Services & Products


  • Value-Driven Innovation

  • Value-Driven Prioritization

  • Value-Driven Portfolio Management

  • Value-Driven Requirements 

  • Value-Driven Design & Engineering


  • Value-Driven Measurement

  • Aligning Change with Impact

  • Aligning Problems with Value-Gaps

  • Aligning Causality with Correlation

  • Measuring Trust & Sustainability

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