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Requirements Engineering


Driving Value with Requirements

Most organizations rely on business analysts to help them capture and organize needs (and wants) from internal customers (business leaders and operational teams) to guide development staff and project teams.  Some organizations rely upon a variety of tools to perform documentation of these requirements and provide some level of traceability.  More often than not, the rigor associated with requirements management is inconsistent and the artifacts are not easily reused to accelerate future development efforts. Further, with the increasing reliance on Agile methodologies many development teams have relaxed their standards and discipline for business analysis and requirements engineering. 

The lack of discipline and consistency of approach between teams and individuals within a company creates a growing problem of inaccuracy and missed handoffs to address value gaps identified by the business (for internal and external customers). This leads to a host of issues with missed opportunities, inefficient use of staff and resources, and increases the backlog of project-based work.

We work with clients to address these issues by implementing a model-driven approach to capture, catalogue, contextualize, and design a knowledge repository, which provides the following value:

  • Promotes reuse of requirements for projects, products, and processes

  • Provides a scaleable way to support traceability to ensure projects address value gaps

  • Supports scaleable causal factor analysis

  • Provides a foundation for driving quality across the lifecycle for services, products, and systems

  • Provides a working framework for project and operational teams to drive continuous improvement and learning

Requirements Meta Model.png

Mapping Requirements

Modeling Reuse to Drive Organic Value

White Paper: Leveraging Business Architecture to Improve Requirements

Leveraging BA for Requirements.png

Learn how Business Architecture can be used to guide the development of requirements for an initiative. 


Find out how requirements trace through the development lifecycle and align with capability maps.

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