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Solution Design


Design for Today, Architect for Tomorrow

More organizations are starting to embrace Solution Architecture because they need to address the integration points with other systems and to ensure they optimize existing assets (via reuse). These are important goals for any solution, but not at the expense  of the value that needs to be delivered to customers and stakeholders. 

We work with clients so they start with design for the solution that ensures the value goes in before the solution gets built, tested, and implemented. Once the value points have been addressed, then we layer in a blend of architecture disciplines to maximize reuse of assets, address reliability and resiliency, and align with operational effectiveness. 

Once the design has been vetted and value gaps addressed, we engage the development teams and portfolio management to align the development lifecycle (Agile, Waterfall, hybrid variations). This ensures technical / engineering / process designs support the value points captured in the solution design. 

We complete the solution design by mapping back to strategy maps and operational maps and to other initiatives to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment across the organization. This is where the Biz:DNA plays an important role to support the multi-dimensional impact analysis and guide value measurement. 

Achieving this level of mapping takes time to evolve, so we work with teams to establish initial scaffolding to guide solution design.

Contact us and we can walk you through some examples and setup a proof of concept so you can judge for yourself. 

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Delivering value for projects while balancing value for the enterprise

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