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Education Disconnected

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

First, just because you’re a H-Prof does not equate to (a) good writing (b) sound logic or (c) factual based conclusions. This article is one man’s perspective and IMHO provides clarity around how completely disconnected the educators are with the reality of economics, what students need to become successful in the new reality, and how to properly value education. 

This last point is the key of course because the professional educators (and I use that word intentionally since most are not teachers - present company excluded) use simplistic justifications to support their self-serving needs and those of the institutions that insulate them (from both the economic realities we all face and from scrutiny around performance for pay which we also face).

The comments are actually more insightful than this article (see link below). Another half-hearted attempt to shore up the mote that surrounds the castles they have built. 



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