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Educate Yourself on Sustainability ...before it's too late

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Most folks look at the "green" movement as a way to save energy and maybe a few bucks. Fashionable, desirable, but not required.  What people don't know is that we are living on a very short time frame where our generation will be the last to experience the unfettered use of natural resources.   People have no idea just how little time we have left and the politicians are masking the problem.  I would guess we have 50 years left before the world is in serious trouble and we see unrest everywhere due to the lack of natural resources and the ignorance of countries to prepare themselves.  The green movement, recycling, conservation, etc....are all about learning new behaviors for sustainability.  The pace at which we are moving is probably way too slow for folks to avoid the whiplash effect that will hit in 20 yrs (guess on my part) when the realization that we are running out of available oil, water, and (yes) food.  Anything you we do to educate folks on the realities and the necessity to get on board with the sustainability movement will provide a dual benefit (to businesses focused on sustainability AND to the ignorant public, which desperately needs a continuous feed of information so that they get it and get on board).

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