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Driving Innovation

Ideate, Innovate, Differentiate

Innovate or Evaporate !

Developing a culture and discipline around innovation will provide an organization with a sustainable pipeline for creating value, building engagement with their employees and improve customer loyalty. 

This is difficult to achieve without a well defined innovation program and discipline supported by Value Measurement, Prioritization, Portfolio Optimization, Demand Management, Requirements Management, and Solution Design. But, those only work when you have established a progressive coalition of support.


Establishing support and selling an innovation program can be done in parallel to building the foundational components that support innovation throughout lifecycle change (for products, services, and systems).


Our innovation program provides teams with a quick start guide to build momentum and gain some quick wins. We also bring the experience to socialize the larger program to organically grow innovation (bottom up) and drive innovation strategically (top down) across the organization.

Contact us and let us help you jumpstart your innovation program so you can drive top line revenue growth and guide continuous improvement across your operations. 

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Learning to Survive, Drive, and Thrive
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Keeping pace helps you survive

  • Not enough to continuously improve

  • The pace of change is accelerating


Driving growth helps you thrive

  • Differentiate your products, services, and business model

  • Technology should be applied to support your growth strategies


Transformation happens between the ears

  • It’s about how opportunity, risk, and change are perceived by staff, management, and executives

  • It’s about how products and services are perceived by stakeholders


Innovation starts with imagination and leads to ideas

  • Not about ideas or inventions

  • It’s about delivering value

  • Aligning Ideas with Problems

  • Prioritizing Value Delivery (not ideas)

  • Innovation Process (7 Steps)

Generating Ideas

Organizations often ask "How do we become more creative?" or ask for help with generating ideas. There is never a shortage of ideas, but there may not be a way to capture and incorporate those ideas in products and services.


We help clients align their ideas with value gaps to deliver more value for customers and operational areas in their organization. Using our idea mapping framework, employees (and customers) see their ideas in action, which encourages more  participation and builds on loyalty.

Developing Concepts

Ideas are great, but they need to be turned into concepts that can get designed and built into new or existing products and services.


Let us accelerate your ability to turn ideas into innovations to improve value for current customers and new customers (and markets).

We help clients match ideas with opportunity, measure impact on strategy and operations and guide concept design to drive growth. 

Building Your Pipeline

Do you have a pipeline of ideas that that are driving growth? This is what most organizations dream about, but often see only a few ideas that make it into production (products or operational services). Too often ideas fall victim to budgets or never get funded. 

We work with portfolio managers and executives to refine their idea funnel and tune their prioritization so they turn their trickle of ideas into a steady flow. We introduce a value model that incorporates ideas into solution designs to address the needs for existing and new customers to drive innovation.  

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