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Idea Generation


Become an "Ideas" (Can Do) Company

Every organization has ideas about how to do things better, create better products, or improve existing operations. So, why do some companies struggle with innovation and getting "better" ideas into products and operations ?


One of the primary reasons many companies ask for help with their innovation is because they don't have a system in place to capture and evaluate ideas, so they can generate value. So, most ideas sit in email or get lost in queues and never get actioned. 

We help organizations address the above challenges and provide additional benefits. Our approach brings the following value:

  • Build and/or extend their communications to encourage engagement across the organization

  • Work with human resources to help shift the culture to become “Can Do” 

  • Leverage the Biz:DNA foundation to provide a scalable repository for capturing and contextualizing ideas to improve opportunity matching

  • Provide a disciplined process for generating more diverse and disruptive ideas

  • Introduce innovation metrics to measure engagement and value add for  strategic goals and objectives, product development, growth, quality, service delivery, impact on portfolios of projects, and operational effectiveness

Innovation Process.png

Establish an discipline and culture to create and implement great ideas

Article: Extending Kaizen with Lateral Thinking

Lateral Thinking.png

Learn how to apply a discipline in idea generation can enhance the value of Kaizen by driving growth AND reducing operational cost.

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