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Concept Development


Selecting & Evaluating Great Ideas

Okay, so you’ve got tons of ideas, but which one do you pursue ?  How do you evaluate any one idea to determine if it’s going to work and (even if it does) whether it will be valuable to stakeholders and (especially) customers ? This is where concept development of ideas is a critical path exercise that needs to be done using a lightweight methodology (staff, budget, cycle time) to evaluate ideas worthy of inserting into operations and/or products. 

You’ll need a set of measures for evaluating ideas and a process for combining ideas into a larger more effective idea OR decomposing a large idea into more digestible component ideas. 

We will collaborate with your marketing, product design (including R&D) and technical teams to establish or extend your pre-lifecycle development efforts to:


  • Establish a process for identifying and prioritizing opportunity and selecting one or more ideas to help address the opportunity

  • Evaluate the impact of the opportunity on strategy, execution, and operations

  • Provide guidance for marketing on Go-2-Market planning and product development teams for product launch

  • Establishing success criteria and scope planning to guide concept development

  • Introduce separate funding models to support concept development

  • Extend portfolio planning, governance, and measurement to manage and analyze concepts under development

  • Provide roadmap of initiatives to implement the idea so it can become an innovation (delivering value for customers)

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Select & Develop the Right Ideas 

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