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Innovation Pipeline


Building Your Innovation Pipeline

Sustaining innovation is perhaps the hardest challenge in companies. Portfolio budgets (for project-based work) are built around operational and strategic objectives, with perhaps some buffer for unplanned work. The challenge is to now carve out additional monies to fund ideas and that is where most innovation pipelines run into a brick wall or get defunded over time. 

We understand these challenges and work with organizations to:

  • Develop or extend their business case evaluation model to ensure ideas and concepts are prioritized and slotted with existing initiatives

  • Rationalize portfolios of initiatives to ensure ideas and concepts find their way into lifecycle development (in progress queues)

  • Provide dynamic impact analysis to support Fluid Prioritization so decision makers can evaluate trade-offs when allocating resources to innovation initiatives

  • Develop measures to evaluate impact of ideas and the initiatives (born of the idea) on strategy (including products & services), execution, and operations

  • Work with portfolio management, quality management, and development (product and systems) teams to create a more fluid process for incorporating ideas into Solution Design

Innovation Pipeline.png

Ensure your ideas make a difference. Let us help you tune your pipeline.

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