Where can an Enterprise Architect add value ?

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Enterprise Architecture helps us address the following types of questions…

Business Architecture

Do the core business & operational structures support the strategic goal ?

What do our customers want & how should we capture & mine this information ?

How do we align strategy with tactical execution ?

How do we measure value ? AND How can we platform value delivery ?

How do we leverage risk to drive the right decisions ?

Operational Architecture

Are the functional processes, controls, and metrics aligned across the org ?

Are the x-functional operations properly modeled and aligned to enable the functional areas?

Are service levels and metrics models aligned to support the internal & external needs ?How do we ensure operations can adapt to business change in an agile manner ?

Information Architecture

What are the information needs to support the operational controls and metrics ?

How do we manage the data quality and data security needs to address business risk ?

Do the data structures and logical models support the needs of the business & operations ?How do we accelerate the “right” decisions across the value chain (not just mgmt.) ?

Why do we need to manage the lifecycle of data and how do we impart governance ?

How do we become a “learning” organization (beyond managing knowledge) ?


How can we harmonize business rules & constraints across the enterprise ?

How do we ensure technology works for our customers (instead of the other way around) ?How can technology be designed & implemented to drive business agility ?

How do we ensure IT & Business folks talk one language ?

What are the right technology platforms to support the value platforms for the organization ?How do we build and/or source a set of reusable services used within & without the org ?

Technical Architecture

How do we approach a virtualization strategy that optimizes corporate resources ?

How do we leverage virtualization to accelerate change management ?

What types of computing platforms and topologies will support growing information demand?

How do we enable ubiquitous computing w/in the enterprise & w/o the extra-prise ?

How do we shape vendor relationships to enable flexibility while supporting sustainability ?

Implementation Architecture

How do we align the multiple portfolios across the enterprise ?

How do we ensure execution enables strategy ?

How do we align customer needs, organization priorities, and requirements through design, build, testing, and delivery ?

How do we measure value delivery for customers (internal & external) with projects ?

How do we ensure we design, build and deliver products and services that meet the desired outcomes of customers ?

How do we ensure that technical platforms address the needs for value platforms ?

How do we optimize human potential (intellectual capital) in value delivery ?

How do we enable a culture driven by learning and continuous improvement ?


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