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What kind of interview questions do you ask applicants?

There are 3 goals that I try to achieve with the interview process:

​Goal 1 - Ensure candidate has fit for purpose (can they do the job). This is where I do my homework on a potential candidate.

​Goal 2 - Ensure candidate is a fit for personality (do they get along with others, do they exude trust, are they accountable, are they comfortable with uncertainty - change).

​Goal 3 - Ensure I understand the candidate's potential (beyond the paper, what does this

person bring to the table, how do they think - critically | creatively | expansively, how do they approach opportunities and solve problems). 

I use the interview process to evaluate Goals 2 & 3 by exploring scenarios (that have occurred and some which may occur) to encourage discussion, build rapport, and understand how how best to leverage the candidate's abilities to address current needs (position) and future needs (beyond the position). 

​- - - - - -

​I don't rely on canned get canned answers.

​I don't rely on psych questions...they are intrusive, inconclusive, and often misleading.

​I do rely on the art of dialogue, clear communications, and transparency to build trust.

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