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The 5 Rights of Knowledge Consumption

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Just as there are 5 rights in medicine associated with consumption of medicine (Right Person, Right Dosage, Right Medicine, Right Time, Right Way) so too are there 5 rights in information management associated with knowledge consumption. 

If we think about consumers of knowledge with the same sensitivity as we regard for patients then may begin developing whole new innovative ways of delivering information that address these rights. 

Further, if Enterprise Architecture upheld these rights and published these as expectations for the knowledge consumer then we reset expectations for what customers want when it comes to consuming knowledge.

Here are the 5 Rights of Knowledge Consumption:

  • Right Knowledge (1)

  • Right Time

  • Right Resources (2)

  • Right Format (3)

  • Right Amount (4)

(1) Deliver the knowledge that the customer needs to perform a given job

(2) Knowledge may be delivered to a person, a system, or a device.  In the future, we may be sending knowledge to biological organisms that have imparted intelligence.  So, we adopt a broader term with the word "resources"

(3) The mode in which the knowledge is delivered can have a significant impact on the useability of the information and may expedite and/or hinder the consumer's ability to assimilate the knowledge and act upon it.

(4) Too often we see information overload where people are not able to easily consume the volume of knowledge (if at all).  Too much information is just as bad (if not worse) then not enough.  Therefore, it's critical to understand what customers want when delivering the knowledge for their consumption.

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