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Measuring T R U S T

–The issue with the "law" is that has been diminished by semantic relativity bounded within a literal definition of an activity, behavior, and perceived impact within a bounded scenario. We call this case law and those who are sufficiently clever can maneuver through the facts and present them within optimized relativity to maximize outcomes for a given purpose or person.


–The law cannot address all scenarios and perspectives with respect to behavioral issues and impact on individuals and/or society (direct and indirect). Suggest we change the nature of an "oath" of office to speaking and acting in a manner that does not diminish the public TRUST while performing their duties of service to their constituents and the public and large.


–The keyword is T R U S T. Any violations of the public trust are subject to immediate penalty and/or dismissal by any official in a government role (serving the people). Depending on the impact of the violation, the penalties can extend to surrender of all monies, assets, and freedoms. The measurement of TRUST will shift the discussion away from the "law" and can lead to a significant simplification of our laws. Further, the concept of TRUST measurement can be implemented for officers in institutions, organizations, and individuals who provide products and/or services to society (individuals and organizations. This includes all forms of media. Note: Individuals who publish on social media are required to post with an approved ID (no more anonymity). This may be difficult initially, but we will arrive at an equilibrium to address corruption and systemic lying which is undermining our society and our civilization.


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