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Is it possible to "Manage" Knowledge ?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

The challenge for most folks is the phrase “knowledge management”.  It’s a fool’s journey to think anyone can manage knowledge.  Knowledge is not quantifiable nor does it exist in a consistent format.  Knowledge flows through all the dimensions that we use to frame our reference models.  Knowledge exists for one purpose:  To enable decision making.  The key challenge for architects is building a flexible framework to align it to those reference models so it can be consumed in a digestible manner.  The concept is simple, but the implementation has proved elusive thus far.

I think of knowledge as a pyramid of information which serves the purpose of enabling informed decision making.  The better we are at harnessing knowledge, the better our decisions.  My approach for knowledge management would be to address the 5 Rights to enable and accelerate decision making:

  • Right knowledge

  • Right format

  • Right amount

  • Right timing

  • Right resources *

* could be people, systems, processes that receive the information

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