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India's Daughter is our collective opportunity

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

So, here are some interesting perspectives about women’s rights illustrating just how backwards the world has become without the right representation, status, and treatment for women.

The post below highlights the imbalance in compensation and treatment of women in the US…this exposure hopes to change the behaviors (perhaps, but individual efforts like this have proven to create little if any sustainable change)

The viral video about the gang rape in India is a much more sensational exposure of the mistreatment of women (and children).  The popularity of the film is exponentiated by India's government (Delhi) public condemnation of the film.  This has sparked public riots recently, and resulted in vigilantism by mobs who are taking matters into their own hands. This is not a victory for women, but it does bring the issues to light, which itself is helpful in initiating change in a society that is many years behind more developed states where women and children have more rights and receive better treatment (notice I did not use the word equal rights, because those states are few and far between).  (this is very hard to watch & has been banned by India)

The following video provides a more open discussion about the cultural challenges facing women in India and it's interesting to watch how the moderator attempts to bring all points of view to the table.

In other middle east countries, the treatment of women and children is nothing short of ongoing atrocities and genocide. Increasingly, the domination of men in war and in peacetime appears to be at the expense of women and children. Society as we know it appears to be in the decline, while the rise of artificial intelligence and infusion of technology in every aspect of our lives is increasing at an accelerating pace.  In some ways this accelerating singularity appears to be disrupting our social fabric in ways that were not anticipated. But, it seems clear that with a global population that is overwhelming the available resources from the planet and the increasing displacement of work by automation, social unrest will continue to rise.

Unfortunately, the unrest manifests itself in our primitive reliance on seeking ways to overcome and exert dominance through subtle and overt acts of aggression against each other, and especially on those who are defenseless (women and children). 


What can we do ?

  • Education (sure, it can help overcome ignorance….but not stupidity)

  • Punishment (who’s to do it ?  violence will lead to less violence ?…I don’t think so)

  • Propaganda (well, this is the tool of those in power…with the internet, it may be helpful in changing mindsets or inciting action)

  • Collective Action (large, sweeping movements led by women, supported by others…perhaps this is a better way to manifest change)


I think it's time for a collective voice to drive change in the way women (and children) are perceived, treated, and supported. If we are to move forward as a society, as a species, then we have got to move beyond these primitive behaviors and ongoing fixation on violence. If we don't recognize the need for change and sense the urgency to move beyond our primitive approaches for maturing our society, then the natural evolution of our species may just be the emergence of sentience in an automated form (displacing us in ways we had not anticipated).


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