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Future Think: Level 3 Relationships

Today, people rely on face to face interactions for establishing and building relationships (Level 1). Because of COVID, many more are being thrust into primitive online environments that rely on screen sharing and media to build and maintain relationships (Level 2). A side benefit of COVID is the need to accelerate the development and convergence of available technologies to greatly improve online experiences (Level 3). There is a market and there’s a whole new way of tapping into ad revenue and developing immersive experiences and relationships. Preserving those experiences and relationships will mean big bucks, which brings me to the article and a few future thoughts below.

I just came across this post and thought I would share a few thoughts. The technology is quickly evolving and the splintered solutions and technologies are just beginning to merge into a consolidated set of capabilities.

I believe we will soon see the merging of gaming platforms, simulation platforms, and collaboration to create immersive experiences and optimized network interactions. Connecting interactions, experiences, and building relationships using these next-gen platforms will create whole new ways of interacting with people, ideas, concepts, knowledge, and things (IoT).

That being said, the opportunity for modeling and extending relationships to people and things suddenly opens up whole new territories of possibilities for evolving a solution into one of the platform plug-ins that could play a key role in guiding and optimizing multi-dimensional relationships.

One of the challenges I have raised for all of these technologies is the underlying theme of TRUST. Everyone is too focused on security, which is a foundational element of TRUST. Today, people implicitly extend their trust to anything and virtually everything online. All too often we see large companies requiring users (people) to sign waivers and/or complex agreements to use their tools while they use our data, our likeness, our pictures, and our personas to monetize their platforms. This is a one-way deal that needs to come to an end and fast. This immersive platform is well on its way. The real digital transformation will occur when these technologies become seamlessly integrated so as to blur the lines of reality and virtuality.

Just like security is moving away from the assets (nodes) and shifting into the network (edges), so to will, the concept of TRUST evolves into our web of relationships, tied to the interactions (scenarios) that are instantiated by our experiences.

Much more to unpack, but the world is about to get much more complicated. Trying to keep pace as the future catches us.


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