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Finding a Good Surgeon is About to Change

One Day Soon...we will no longer need to ask a doctor "How many times have you performed this surgery ?". The doctor will most likely be observing and or guiding, but doing the actual surgery. We are already in possession of technology that can outperform a surgeon with diagnostic (pattern recognition) capabilities, decision making abilities (are still in development as to which pathway and/or how best to proceed when encountering one or more anomalies is still under the direct control of the physician), but the performance of a given surgical procedure is about to transition from man to machine with the advent of new tools and information technology.

This is STAR (smart tissue autonomous robot) which contains a combination of available technologies combined into an adaptable platform (adaptable to movement of tissues and other non-linear movements related to tissues and textures). STAR has the ability to perform surgical procedures and represents the next step forward in performing incisions and closures of surgical wounds.


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