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Extending our Sense of Smell...

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Well, we’re already suffering from an overloaded visual cortex, our taste and hearing are also inundated.  In fact, our ears are so inundated with sounds and now the best selling devices are sound insulators and isolation equipment. No doubt, these same trends will extend across touch (well underway) and now smell. 

I can imagine personal devices that can exude complex smells (nothing more than on demand compounding of base olfactory elements that can be combined into an infinite array of smells - not unlike the color spectrum). Of course, the next area of research will come from identifying precisely the colors and smells that can influence emotion and decision making behaviors - yes, good o’l fashion consumerism.  But wait, it doesn’t stop there.  This will also have the unanticipated effects in other areas of our lives like motivation (per the article) and how we react to fear, anxiety, and anger (just a sampling of our emotions). 

The potential is significant since it can change behaviors and that means “control”. That is why it’s going to be big business. 



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