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Enabling Innovation through Risk Management

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Companies are increasingly guarded about their confidentiality and managing intellectual property (IP).  However, this may be an area for new thinking as this one item is one of the largest roadblocks for collaboration, knowledge sharing and ultimately innovation.  Innovation is currently positioned around products (first), services/processes (second), and then very infrequently around our business models (which ironically represent the largest opportunity for creating value).  One of the areas that we need to focus innovation around is the areas of compliance & risk management.

For example:

Health care is in a crisis and our hands are tied because of all the constraining forces from compliance and risk.  If we were to focus innovation to improve these 2 areas, just imagine what would be possible to achieve. (I'll be we could reduce the costs for health care in the process)

We may also want to rethink our ability to collaborate, coordinate, and create (3Cs) using remote facilitation.  The pace of change is continuing to accelerate, yet our ability to conduct the 3Cs w/o face-to-face continues to lag behind.  This is quickly becoming a constraining factor and one that we need to address as the future catches us...


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