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EA Standards & Principles

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Enterprise Architecture: Principles & Standards

I've been giving some thought to how EA standards should be defined.  I don't endorse the common practice of placing standards on tools or equipment.  When we do that, it "binds" our decision making process as opposed to guiding it towards the EA principles.  I would like to propose a fresh alternative. Here are my top 5 themes for centering the "ilities"


  • Ensures we can respond quickly to changes in business needs.


  • Ensures we can deploy technology with a low consumptions of resources – human and otherwise.


  • Ensures the technology can embrace change – timely, easily, and where possible w/o human intervention.


  • Ensures the technology can scale (vertically to meet growth volume of data & users) (laterally to meet growth in complexity of functionality).


  • Ensures we can bring new value to the business by identifying new technologies, leveraging existing technologies in creative new ways and pioneering technology where possible through collaboration and by encouraging ideation by everyone w/in & w/o IT).


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