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Democratizing Data & Knowledge

The Next Wave of Control => Digital Dictatorship

I have been following the writings and videos of Yuval Noah Harari (historian, philosopher, and futurist). He has written & spoken about the concerns related to Digital Dictatorship, which is the natural evolution of man's desire to control (objects, nature, and people - everything). History tells us that there most people fall into 3 types patterns:

1. those who desire to understand

2. those who desire to control

3. those who desire to live

What separates us as a species is (1), but what creates most of the problems in history and in our world are typically (2). So, an interesting question comes to mind as we consider these (generalized list of 3 patterns): Does our collective study of history reveal any anti-patterns for (2) and if so how can we use these underlying concepts to ensure data and knowledge (the eventual collective of algorithmic cognition via AI & ML) remain democratized as we accelerate the convergence of our digital and physical (including biological) capabilities ?


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