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Cloud Computing (yet another overview)

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Cloud computing seems like a new twist on the ASP (application service provider) approach, but there are some key differences in that the model provides for a flexible approach that supports self-directed services or fully outsourced services.  The notion of a cloud computing is another step forward towards realizing utility-based computing services. Here are a few points to gain a better understanding of why Cloud Computing is important and how you may want to leverage it for your own needs:

Types of Services:

Infrastructure Services - Servers, Storage, Communications , Connectivity

Utility Services - Data Management, Development Tools, Development Services

Functional Services - Software packages, Custom Solutions, Components


  • Scale

  • Agility (speed + flexibility)

  • Reduced complexity

  • Improved productivity

Potential Challenges:

  • Domain knowledge

  • Transparency

  • Reliability / SLAs (still evolving)

  • Security & Compliance (still evolving)

  • Extended Help Desk (Customer Service)

A Few Risks:

  • Virtualization for network, computing, and storage may not scale…

  • Pay for services you may not need

  • Vendor “lock-in”

  • Lack of carrier-grade services for Tier 1 systems and/or their dependent systems

  • Potential for single point of failure

Be Careful...

  • Need to guide your investments carefully in this space. Best to experiment first and get a feel for the benefits, challenges, and risks.

  • Price versus Value based decisions will yield very different outcomes as they are based on completely different models.

Focus on Collaboration...

Collaboration is where most organizations expand into virtual computing services. This is also where the challenge & adventure begins.

  • Cloud computing providers and solutions are a natural extension of collaboration.

  • Collaboration touches upon most areas of computing services and business services.

  • The 4 walls disappear so you need to rethink your computing & business architectures.

Plan Carefully...

  • Architecture will come in handy

  • Contingency Planning needs to be revisited

  • Business Services need to be orchestrated, managed, and monitored in new ways

  • Need to innovate the security model

  • Abstraction will be a key measure of success

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