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10 Ten List of Twitter "Hints"

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Twitter is a powerful tool to add to your marketing toolkit and to augment communications (inward / outward).  To help folks better harness this tool, here are my "Top 10" hints that I hope you'll find useful as well:

 Top 10 Twitter Countdown:

  1. 140 Characters - make sure it's something easily understandable & adds value

  2. RT - Return Tweet

  3. #TAG (you're it)

  4. @Tweet Site (referencing a 3rd party Tweeter Page in your Tweet)

  5. TinyURL (with link to site and/or widgets for your browser)

  6. Using Direct Messages (Viral marketing of your tweets with others)

  7. Knowing WHO to follow and WHO NOT to follow (unfollow & block

  8. Placing links to your Twitter Page in Email, LinkedIn, Blogs, & Websites

  9. Referencing your other sites via Tweets (marketing yourself)

  10. Mobile access to your Twitter Page (access/update your page from anywhere)


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