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Improving Agility

Sense, Adapt, Respond

What is an Agile Enterprise ?

Enterprise Agility allows an organization to sense change, understand the impacts from change, augment decision making (faster), and respond to change at scale and with increasing levels of accuracy.  Most companies do this today, but they are typically working with a subset of knowledge and limited understanding of how change and decisions impact the organization, their products, and the services they provide.

Benefits of Improving Agility:
Business Meeting

Sensing Change

  • Modeling Change & Prioritizing Impact

  • Diagnosing Impact as Causal Problems

  • Mapping Problems into Demand

  • Managing Demand & Prioritizing Urgency

Adapting to Change

  • Mapping Causality to Guide Correlation

  • Virtual lifecycle management  for products, systems & services

  • Virtual collaboration for  manufacturing, operations, & logistics

  • Anticipating impact and response to change

  • Faster decision making as patterns of change are understood

  • Fluid prioritization (vertically & horizontally) as change happens


Responding to Change

  • Faster response to known patterns of change

  • Adaptive learning to keep pace with change (internal & external)

  • Augmented decision making in the field (by people & technology)

  • Improved reliability, availability, scalability, and capability

Agile Leadership

An assessment can be done in a few weeks*. We will look at a few areas involving strategy, budgeting, prioritization, project and portfolio management, solution design, and service management.

The goal is to build a current state understanding of how well change is understood, how decisions are made, how response(s) to change are initiated and communicated.

* Depends on the scope of concern and complexity of processes.

Agile Decision Making

Before jumping into a large project, it may be useful to conduct a small (4-week) initiative to demonstrate how Biz:DNA can provide value for a limited scope. 

We call these Proof of Value (POV), since the concept already works. The goal is to learn about Biz:DNA and see how it can quickly improve awareness and understanding and deliver meaningful results for key stakeholders. 

Agile Organization

Do you know where to focus your limited resources and how to manage multiple agendas and concerns across the company ? 

We will introduce a discipline used for evaluating and prioritizing each initiative as it moves through your lifecycle pipeline. Priorities change all the time and so we'll provide you with the ability to continually evaluate your investment portfolio. 

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