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Prioritizing Your Investments


Roadmap Towards Enterprise Agility

Once we have conducted the Agility Assessment and drafted a roadmap of initiatives, we are ready to prioritize the changes and implement the components supporting the Biz:DNA and create some quick wins.


This is a journey not a sprint, which allows your organization to realize the benefits of Enterprise Agility. This progressive approach builds upon itself by improving the organization's ability to sense,  adapt, and respond to change vertically & horizontally throughout the organization. The organization will continue to accelerate its ability to keep pace with change and complexity as it builds and matures its Digital Twin

We will leverage many of our services to enhance existing capabilities and build upon them:

  • Strategy Mapping

  • Demand Management

  • Requirements Management

  • Portfolio Optimization

  • Prioritization Model & Flow

  • Solution Design

  • Value Measurement

The prioritization is more of a recursive model that we will slowly introduce to key decision makers and project teams. The model will provide a blended approach for evaluating each initiatives for the impact on strategy, operations, technology, and financial concerns.


We will work with your development teams and business SMEs to align the prioritization model across the lifecycle of change to support a more fluid ability while balancing throughput and value. 


Fluid Prioritization

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