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Proof of Value


5 Step Plan for Demonstrating Value of Biz:DNA

The concepts work, but the value proposition needs to be evaluated by organizations before they embark on larger initiatives with the Biz:DNA and pursuing Enterprise Agility. 


So, we have developed a simple 5-step methodology that can be applied in 4-6 weeks for a limited scope initiative. The challenge is building defining the scope and securing time from resources to inform the team, who will build out the models for the proof of value (POV).


To define the scope, we'll start with one portion (subset) of the overall strategy for a business unit (department, division, or perhaps the company if it's a small organization). 


We'll select one goal and objective and apply the 5 steps:

  1. Identify list of initiatives

  2. Prioritize the initiatives

  3. Map the requirements

  4. Propose a solution design

  5. Create roadmap with walkthrough

Mapping Strategy.png

Mapping Strategy with Operations to Guide Execution

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