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Agile Leadership


Assessing Enterprise Agility

Companies are investing heavily in digital transformation programs, introducing new technologies (RPA, AI, ML) to build upon their data and analytics capabilities.


Organizations are already struggling with Agile initiatives due to the challenges with prioritization. Companies are also experiencing limitations with extending AI to identify cause and effect, and seeing spurious results when algorithms have to analyze sparse data across scenarios and events which occur infrequently. While attempts are made to extend algorithms and analytic models they still need some level of pre-defined data and relationships that are captured with contextual relevance.


This is where our Biz:DNA provides a working framework to address these challenges and provide scale for AI (machine learning and deep learning) to build the Digital Twin for managing the pace of change and the escalation in complexity. 

The agility assessment is used to establish a current state of data integrity, strategic planning and alignment with execution, and review the operational maturity for the organization. The assessment provides current state (baseline) with a recommended set of steps to design and implement a Biz:DNA baseline to demonstrate a proof of value and progress towards future steps of delivering incremental agility across the organization. 

The goals of our assessment include:

  • Alignment between strategy and execution

  • Decision making (quality and efficiency)

  • Demand management and prioritization

  • Operational alignment of processes and measures

  • Define a roadmap to address gaps and improve agility

Agility Assessment.png

Agility Assessment

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