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Building Sustainable Growth

Taking the Long View Now

Design for Tomorrow

Achieving sustainability in any endeavor is hard. You can't focus on short term investments and hope everything will work out. The pace of change is accelerating and your organization can be disrupted overnight. 

Organizations exist to deliver value every day to every customer, member, patient, investor, and stakeholder. Balancing all those needs against your strategy, daily operations while responding to issues and opportunities is complex. When you accelerate the pace of change, it becomes overwhelming. 

That is where most organizations find themselves. They are hoping that investments in technology will save them. But, technology is an accelerator and can amplify both the good and bad decisions around change and the manner in which change is executed. 

The Value Enablement Group has developed a number of services and accelerators to help organizations manage the accelerating pace of change. We can help plan, design, and guide the implementation of incremental improvements or build a platform for managing complexity and accelerate decision making with a Digital Twin. 

A BCG/MIT study revealed:

  • 90% of executives find sustainability to be important...

  • But only 60% of companies incorporate sustainability in their strategy

  • Only 25% of companies incorporated sustainability into their business model

Meeting the Staff
  1. Build TRUST
  2. Deliver the RIGHT Value
  3. Invest in Sustainability
Anticipate, Adapt, & Respond to Change
Enterprise Agility.png
  • Anticipate Change
    • Sense change

    • Assess urgency and impact from change

    • Review strategy, plans, budgets, and priorities

  • Adapt to Change

    • Identify pain points and opportunities

    • Address and resolve acute pain

    • Identify ideas to address chronic pain

    • Design solutions to turn pain into profit

    • Revise strategy, plans, budgets, and priorities

  • Respond to Change

    • Identify patterns for managing change

    • Reduce complexity by incorporating change patterns

    • Improve response times when future change occurs

    • Identify ideas for continuous improvement

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