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Reduce Cycle Time
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  • Planning changes to existing products and services take too long

  • Our competition is able to deliver new releases of features every quarter

  • Marketing, sales, and manufacturing operations keep changing the priorities and scope of projects in the pipeline

  • We can only move as fast as Compliance and Quality can approve changes to products, systems, and operations

  • Our products are very complex, so making changes requires lengthy testing and validation

  • Investments in new ideas for products never get funded because they take too long to develop
    Budgets for existing products, systems, and operations take priority over innovation, so we are stuck with incremental improvement

  • We continuously release new features and capabilities for our product and services to address customer needs

  • Our quarterly release cycle for products has transformed our company and positioned us as a market leader 

  • Our IT department eliminated their 2-year backlog of projects and now are focused on driving innovation in our services and products

  • 30% of our annual revenue comes from new products and services

  • Prioritization is now a fluid process thanks to investments we made on the front end of innovation and requirements management

  • The average turnaround time for product changes has dropped from 8 months to 3 months to support our quarterly release schedule

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