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Sponsoring the Agile Journey


Engaging leadership to sponsor change

Before embarking on your Agile journey, you will want to make sure you have the right sponsorship in place to obtain initial funding, secure resources, guide the roadmap of changes and support the team(s) as they move forward.  

Some of the support will involve managing expectations (up, down, and across the organization) as well as promoting success in order to expand the coalition of support and secure funding for each stage of the journey. 

You don't need to engage executive management during the initial phases of the journey. The sponsor will help engage stakeholders under his/her jurisdiction and help marshal resources (and funding) to establish momentum so the team can deliver a series of quick wins. 

Once the foundation is set, the next round of expansion will move beyond the sponsor's control and you may need to engage one or more peers of the sponsor (with their guidance) and then bring a larger business case forward to an executive sponsor to build a coalition amongst executive leadership to expand the scope and commitment from the organization. 

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Enlist sponsorship using a progressive approach

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