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Improve Sustainability
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  • Our culture of fear and recent layoffs has made recruiting good talent more difficult and staff turnover has been growing, which impacts the quality of products & services

  • The chain of command style of management is making it hard to respond since all decisions have to be reviewed and approved by top executives

  • Customers are shifting their loyalty to competitors who are seen as more environmentally friendly and socially responsive

  • Product sales are dropping even though we continue to cut costs 

  • Productivity sufferers from low morale amongst the staff and management

  • Our partnership with nonprofit organizations and community leaders on pay-it-forward programs has transformed our culture and brand

  • Our empowered staff and teams outpace our competition with new ideas, new products, and energy has positioned us as the market leader

  • Our focus on people first has made us one of the top 10 places to work

  • Our emphasis on environmental and social concerns has reduced our operational costs while igniting innovation in manufacturing and operations

  • Our products and services are focused on value while our competitors focus on cost and features

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