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Improve Quality
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  • Issues and problem resolution are typically managed in silos across the organization. 

  • Issues are typically solved as they come up with little understanding of the causal factors or impacts on other issues and problems

  • We keep seeing the same issues with products or processes 

  • Our customer support never has the right answer for customers

  • The business is constantly working with vendors to create their own solutions instead of working with IT

  • Our product returns and complaints are increasing 

  • Our billing service is constantly making mistakes 

  • We spend a lot of money qualifying and verifying materials from vendors

  • Issues impacting functional areas, supply chain, products, and services are harmonized and continually analyzed to guide priorities and decisions

  • We resolve issues by solving the right problems

  • We have a learning culture so we don’t see recurring problems

  • Customer support has very high regard by customers because they have the right information to address customer concerns

  • IT is our value-added partner for all areas of our business (strategic, operational, functional)

  • Our products and services are market leaders because of our inclusive approach to engage our customers, vendors, and employees on ways to improve quality and identify ideas

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