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Improve Prioritization
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  • Priorities change constantly, even for strategic goals and objectives

  • Teams are often juggling multiple priorities with little continuity

  • Priorities can change based on who leads a meeting or committee

  • Priorities are often misaligned between departments 

  • Prioritization meetings consume over 40% of management time

  • Teams often battle over funding innovation and ongoing improvement

  • Strategy and execution of changes in projects are not aligned

  • Agile teams do not have a clear direction from the business

  • Goals and objectives remain consistent while priorities shift for initiatives

  • Team productivity for project-based work is very high 

  • Execution is aligned with strategy, which stabilizes portfolio planning

  • Priorities are dynamically prioritized and aligned across the organization

  • Meetings are only used to review the prioritization model 

  • Decision making is very efficient freeing up management for other work

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