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  • Our executives and managers are overwhelmed with analytics, reports, and metrics

  • Marketing, customer support, sales, and product management never agree on what customers want

  • Our customer surveys are always very positive, but our sales continue to fall

  • We have a robust portfolio of projects to improve products, processes, and services, but we’re not seeing the needle move for the bottom line

  • Business strategy and technology initiatives are not always aligned

  • We continue to have surprises with projects and products that require intervention by executives when risks and/or delays occur

  • Our executives and managers use simple dashboards and immersive visualizations instead of relying on tons of analysis and reports

  • R&D, Product Management, Sales, Marketing and our executive team are all aligned on the same priorities for addressing customer outcome

  • Prioritization of features and innovations is much more efficient for guiding product strategy

  • We meet with customers, build value-driven relationships, and capture their unmet needs instead of bothering our customers with surveys

  • Our product and project teams rely on value-driven metrics to guide investments in initiatives to deliver value for strategy and operations

  • Value-driven metrics are shared across the business and technology

  • Issues, opportunities, and risks are all mapped against strategy, execution, and operations to avoid surprises and build a proactive culture

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