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Improve Innovation
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  • We have a lot of ideas, but none ever make it into products or services

  • Ideas are all too often stopped at a frozen layer in the company

  • Can’t get funding for concepts or new ideas

  • Our products no longer compete and we’re losing market share

  • Sales are dropping and customers are jumping to competitors

  • COVID has killed our business and we don’t know how to pivot

  • Ideas are welcomed from employees, customers, and partners

  • Ideas are part of solution design for products & services

  • Employees are expected to provide ideas (baked into their goals)

  • Key metrics for innovation are incorporated into executive compensation

  • 20% of the product/service portfolios must come from innovation

  • The organization has tons of ideas for addressing challenges like COVID

  • Customers flock to product announcements as we are seen as a leader

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