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Improve Engagement
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  • Employees are not involved in decision making 

  • Management focuses on their processes or our products first

  • Employees are very competitive and resist sharing information

  • Employees are chronic underperformers 

  • Turnover remains high and employees are often tardy

  • Employees are not able to adapt to all the changes we need to make

  • Managers work with their teams to promote our values, build friendships and provide coaching and mentoring to help them be successful

  • Executives and management provide regular updates and meetings with employees and always recognize teams and individuals

  • Employees are encouraged to take time for lunch and breaks every day

  • Customers frequently make visits to our company so we can learn from them and hear their stories about our products and services

  • We treat our employees as our most valuable assets (not just lip service)

  • Executives and managers are held to a high standard of promoting our values and living them

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