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Improve Customer Focus
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  • We run tons of market surveys but sales of new product stagnate

  • Sales have begun falling and we have no idea why this is happening

  • Product Marketing, Sales, Customer Service can’t ever agree 

  • We are seen as a lagging follower by the market

  • How do we get to be market leaders?

  • Customers are complaining about all the

  • Members/customer don’t know what they want

  • No clear direction on which ideas or features to fund

  • We understand precisely what our customers want

  • Our portfolio is optimized to deliver features that will assure our position as market leaders for years to come

  • We have a clear and consistent strategy

  • Customer value our communications and messaging in our marketing and social media channels

  • Other companies frequently ask for our guidance on market trends

  • Our products and services are seen as best in class

  • Investments in new products and services have provided us with a rich pipeline of growth opportunities for the next 5-10 years

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