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Improve Collaboration
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  • We have online meetings, but that’s the extent of our collaboration

  • Employees have very little autonomy and have to ask permission to talk with individuals outside of their team let alone executives

  • Responsibilities are not always clearly laid out and employees don’t often trust that their colleagues will do good work

  • Communications are very tightly controlled

  • We have a command and control management 

  • Fear of failure is built into the culture

  • We use our customer focus discipline to understand the needs of our employees so we can address their desired outcomes too.

  • We have a built a culture of inclusivity with our employees, our customers, vendors and partners, and even members of the community

  • Collaboration and sharing are rewarded over individual heroism

  • We are highly profitable and always seem to attract the best talent

  • “Failure to try is not an option” and innovation are hallmarks of our culture

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