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Demand Management


Develop Your 6th Sense

Demand Management deserves its own discipline because of the impact it has on the organization and how it should be developed as a 6th Sense. We understand the complexity associated with designing and implementing this an evolving set of capabilities. We help clients identify emerging technologies, design processes and data models to establish and build their own 6th sense. with design thinking to build a scalable and adaptable foundation.   

Demand can be distilled into 3 types of input:

  • Idea

  • Issue

  • Request

Every other "type" of demand is derived from one of these demand types. There are many types of characteristics that help us understand the nature of any demand input. We'll need a way to capture that information as well as the context around the demand. Contextualization is one of the key challenges facing teams responsible for identifying and cataloguing demand. 

Once you have identified the demand (from your "sensors"), you then need to conduct an impact assessment, so you can guide prioritization of response(s) and allocate resources. These design and operational challenges can escalate very quickly, which is why we established a specific practice to help guide teams through their own evolution and discovery to achieve their 6th sense. 

Demand Model.png

Let us help you develop your 6th Sense

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