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Leveraging Outcomes to Improve Product Evaluation

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

We often see product research organizations provide detailed reports that compare one product's features over another.  While these are useful to engineers, they make product comparisons somewhat complicated.   The metrics discussion is important, but there needs to be an emphasis on measuring the VALUE that the products provide in terms that are meaningful to the customers and consumers of the product.  Value can be measured on a number of levels and starts with understanding what customers want.   When you discuss the notion of marketing tools and products, balanced scorecards and assessing technology, the outcomes will shift . These topics only make sense when IT is able to articulate how and where value is delivered to the business.  Value is delivered thru consulting, projects & operational support by addressing the desired outcomes of customers (internal initially and external hopefully).  Consulting is where Demand Management plays a role as trusted advisors.

Another aspect to the whole value discussion is being able to build a “business case”.  Often times business areas can’t justify a spend on a tool and it’s up to IT to help guide them through the process by saving headcount or improving performance (speed) and/or quality. If Jay is interested in moving IT from a cost center to a value center, he’s going to need more ammunition.  That’s where the customer focus comes into play.

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