Mitigate Risks & Threats
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  • We address risks when they happen

  • We are reactionary culture when things change

  • Can’t always see the next issue that will disrupt production

  • Our systems have a lot of issues

  • We are concerned about competitive threats

  • There are just too many things to worry about, so we try to pick our battles as best we can

  • Project risks never seem to get the right attention

  • Risk is used to drive innovation and focus creativity

  • Risks are captured and evaluated individually and collectively to identify threats and mitigation strategies to reduce their potential impact

  • Employees are rewarded for proactive measures and planning to promote quality in our systems, processes, and products

  • We rely on innovation and understanding what customers want to build a pipeline of products and services to become a market leader

  • Employees are given autonomy to address risks and propose solutions to help improve the resiliency and adaptability of our systems, products, and company

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