Design & Lead Sustainability

Culture, Community, Continuity

Build TRUST, Value, & Sustainability

Sustainability starts by focusing on the Long View and applying a more holistic lens on the impacts we have on our environment, society, and our stakeholders (customers, members, patients, vendors, partners, and employees). The goal of sustainability is to achieve a balance of needs and value delivery across all of these concerns. Focusing on the long view starts with establishing TRUST in each of our relationships and ensuring that we provide products and services that meet the desired outcomes for all stakeholders without sacrificing or exploiting our society or our environment. 


  • Collaborative vs. Competitive, Cooperate and Interoperate

  • Rewarding inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation

  • Focus on Continuous Learning and Embracing Change

  • Sustainable Leadership, Agile Decision Making



  • Trust, Authentic Relationships

  • Cooperate, Interoperate, Integrate

  • Ecosystem View for Value Delivery

  • Optimized Value across Stakeholder Continuum

  • Balancing concerns across Ecosystems



  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership

  • Optimized value across the lifecycle for products & systems

  • Reusable, Configurable, Adaptable, Compatible, Interoperable, Affordable, Available, Reliable, Scalable

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