Introducing the Biz:DNA©

Reference Model for Building a Digital Twin

What is the Biz:DNA© ?

Every organization has four basic components (building blocks) used to create products, deliver services, and run:

  • Strategy - planning change

  • Execution - implementing change

  • Operation - delivering value

  • Measurement - monitoring quality, capturing and assessing the impact from change, aligning strategy with execution

These four components can be found in most business management books and are discussed in countless articles and reference materials. The manner in which these are put together and how they are related is what we address with the Biz:DNA© modeling approach. We also bring discipline and set of accelerators to help manage the design and implementation of knowledge graphs to align the components in a controlled manner. Doing so will help organizations scale complexity and manage the accelerating pace of change. 

Designing Your Digital Twin

A digital twin provides a company with an ability to run simulations, find root causes, and analyze the impact of changes that occur in the organization or from outside forces (in real-time and simultaneously). 

We help clients design, build, and implement their digital twin using a minimally disruptive approach that allows normal operations (including change) to continue while we work together to establish your Biz:DNA© and gradually build out a working model of your organization. 

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